Promise rings represent a commitment of many types, but your commitment is significant, and so it is important that the ring you decide to buy will last just as long as your commitment. For this reason we back all rings with a hassle free warranty and will also gladly assist you in finding the perfect size with our ring sizing guide. Should the fit not be perfect we’ll exchange it immediately.

For Her

What is a promise ring?

The word most commonly refers to a ring given as a promise of endearing love but it may also have any one of number of other meanings. If you’re in a relationship and marriage is not an option for one of a variety of reasons a promise ring provides a romantically endearing means of letting someone special you are entirely committed. Think of the ring as a promise of love. While an engagement ring may follow a promise ring does not signify an intention of marriage.

A romantic gesture is just one of the ways in which people use promise rings. As the name implies, the ring signifies a commitment or promise which is of major importance. This can also be a personal commitment such as the undertaking of a new lifestyle, diet or the commitment to beat an addiction. Wearing the ring you are permanently reminded of your vow, its aim is to strengthen your resolution, remind you of your commitment. Purity promise rings are an extension of this theme. Promise rings are also purchased in pairs for a shared commitment or new belief. Promise rings do typically vary a little from friendship rings. Typically friendship rings are manufactured with more affordable metals and gemstones. In terms of style and composition a promise ring is quite similar to an engagement ring although typically more affordable. The rings are most often made from white gold with a variety of gemstones featuring anything from a romantically themed cut and centre stone to a simple and more masculine men’s ring.

Where can I get a promise ring?

Due to a promise ring being identical in style to an engagement ring they are available at just about every jewelry store. If you are purchasing a ring for her and wish to do it in person together then ask the jeweler to show you their range of promise rings. Not all jewelry stores are aware of what these rings are so failing that, ask to see their range of engagement rings. Be sure to tell your girlfriend or partner that you wish to purchase a promise ring. A jeweler noticing a young couple looking at engagement rings may make the moment awkward. You can also buy a promise ring online which presents the issue of sizing. For this reason purchase from a store with simple return and exchange policies. While you’re doing your research take a look at our jewelry buying guide, it will help provide insights into her style and type preferences.

Which finger and how to give the ring?

This is another question with many answers. The ring finger (the finger next to your pinky) on the left hand is the finger most people choose to wear promise rings. This is also the finger used for an engagement ring in Western cultures and so others choose to wear a promise ring on the right finger in order to avoid confusion. If you do intend on marriage then we suggest the left hand. If you’re wearing a promise ring for a personal commitment or marriage is not to follow then the right hand is more suitable. No matter what your reason for wearing a promise ring you should mark the occasion of first wearing it so that it becomes a memorable experience. What makes a memorable experience? Think back to the memorable experiences in your life, what made them special and why do you remember them?

How much should you spend?

Jewelry like all consumer goods has the association of more expensive generally equating to better. This is simply not the case with promise rings. Expensive jewelry is typically more expensive due to a stone being regarded as precious or very high profit margins of a store. Precious stones do not contain any special properties. Diamonds are not particularly precious, durable or uniquely beautiful. Supply is artificially limited by suppliers in order to maintain high prices. Contrary to popular beliefs diamonds can be scratched. The point we’re making is jewelry should be finely crafted with quality gemstones and metals and priced accordingly. Once it meets these requirements should you purchase based upon the artistic style and how well is suits your needs. You should not always equate expensive jewelry with better quality. Promise rings are no different.