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Necklaces have an extraordinary history stemming back thousands of years and have evolved from simple charms and pendants constructed of bone, wood or rock to a fashionable necklace available in every precious gemstone discovered in a million different styles. Ancient burials discovered in late 2004 revealed bones, shells and stones which were worn around necks of people some 80,000 years ago, few fashions have survived the test of time as well as the necklaces. Amazingly necklaces with bone, rock and wood charms are still available and popular today!

A snapshot of the evolving styles and uses of jewelry is available due to the ritual of burying the dead with their most significant pieces of jewelry. Up until the industrial revolution the cost of jewelry prohibited middle and lower classes from acquiring necklaces constructed of precious or semi precious stones and metals. For this reason like most jewelry necklaces served a role of signifying social status and wealth.

Necklaces did not follow the trends of fashion until the 17th century. The earliest necklaces were constructed from simple stands and bone and varied in length from short right up to necklaces which would hang down to the lower stomach. Egyptian and Roman cultures created beaded necklaces from beautifully colored glass and clay. During the start of the last millennium cultures began wearing multiple necklaces. During art deco period woman would wear as many as 8 layered pearl necklaces. This trend is enjoying a strong resurgence as the classical styling of vintage and art deco jewelry is becoming popular once again.

Following in the footsteps of all jewelry trends no longer are precious gemstone and precious metals necklaces a must when purchasing a piece considered fashionable. Modern jewelry trends emphasize the importance of artistic design and creativity over the expense of the material used to construct the necklace.

Dress Tips

As always ensure your clothing and jewelry are themed accordingly. Do not mix contemporary and retro or fine and delicate with simple and loud pieces. Vintage and art deco pearl necklaces are popular because retro and art deco dresses are popular. Choose a length suitable for your height. Large looping necklaces will suit those with longer legs by creating better balance. Only layer similar types of necklaces and try and avoid a cluttered appearance by laying no more than 3 pieces.