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We’ve worked with literally thousands of prominent and established fashion bloggers to obtain unbiased reviews and insights into our products, shopping experience, shipping and customer service to provide our customers with as much information as possible about Lushae Jewelry. As with all reviews we insist on completely honest thoughts and opinions, bloggers are never paid to conduct a review but are free to keep the jewelry regardless of the outcome of the review. We truly welcome criticisms and see each one as an opportunity to improve our customer experience. For the same reason we politely request (but not require) a survey be completed by each and every customer and review results on a daily basis. These reviews and our customer feedback provide an ongoing health check and identify opportunities for us to improve our service levels.

Reviews of Promise Rings

In addition to the following reviews conducted by prominent fashion bloggers we also survey customers and display feedback on many of the promise ring product pages.

Reviewed by PB&J; Mag

Nubby and her Ring
Nubby from Nubby Twiglet

"Rings tend to get in the way of my work and become more of an annoyance than a fashion statement. Luckily, I was able to find this cute yet very low profile ring engraved with LOVE and haven’t taken it off since."
Reviewed by Nubby Twiglet

LuLu and her Ring
LuLu's promise ring

"The ring arrived in a sweet little box, and is so pretty - even better in real life than on the site :)"
Reviewed by Lulu from LuluetCoCo

Very Talented Jasmine
Jasmines artistic ring picture

"While its shininess was frustrating while I was taking pictures because my reflection kept appearing, I absolutely adore this ring! It is easily now my favorite ring."
Reviewed by Jasmine from Transient Withdrawal

Spela from The Fashion Junkie
"Very quick delivery I must say. It came in small package in very cute jewelry box. When I opened it and inside was stunning little ring, two in one. It fits perfectly on my finger! From that moment I wear it every day. All my friends said that it’s very beautiful and my girls are so excited about this that they will order something themself."
Reviewed by Spela from The Fashion Junkie

It was hard for me to capture the beautiful designer qualities in a photograph.. I was quite impressed when my package arrived in only 3 days of placing my order, it came well packaged in a beautiful gift box and my eyes really lit up when I peeked inside.
By Shanda of Front Porches

“I picked a 4 channel ring and these are made with cubic zirconium. Its very sparkly and the delivery of it was fast. I happened to do the wrong ring size , and the returning the ring has been very easy to do.”
Julie from My 5 Monkeys