How to choose the right size ring

The following will assist in choosing the right size ring. When choosing a ring for someone there are a couple of tips which will help to ensure you purchase the correct size

1. The left hand may not be same size as right hand.
2. Ensure your fingers are warm when measuring.
3. Ensure you measure the widest part of your finger (typically the knuckle)
4. Marginally too big is a better bet than marginally too small
5. If printing out the images below ensure you’re printing at 100%

Access to an existing ring

If you have access to an existing ring simply print out this page (at 100%) and place the ring on the closest size below to determine the correct size.

Ring size matcher

Ring Finger Strip

Print and cut out the strip below. Place the strip snugly around the finger, the fit should not be too tight and must also be able to slide over your knuckle.

Ring finger strip size matcher

Purchase the wrong size?

We exchange at no cost rings which are the incorrect fit. Simply fill out an exchange form to have a free replacement shipped to you.