How to buy jewelry for a man

Jewelry is increasingly popular among men thanks to a constantly expanding variety of materials and designs. While many of the same rules apply there are a number of styles and materials which are more popular among men. Follow these steps and choosing jewelry for your boyfriend, husband or friend will be easy.

Not all men are comfortable wearing jewelry and as with any thoughtful gift youíll achieve the best results by paying close attention to your subject. Does he wear any type of jewelry on a day to day basis? Does he wear any rings, cuff links or a nice watch? What does he wear when he dresses for an occasion? Perhaps he is wearing a necklace which is not easy to spot? If you donít see anything and still wish to purchase jewelry there are still quite a few options available to you. Should you find him wearing jewelry pay close attention to its color, construction and features to gather insight into his preferences. Does the jewelry feature any gemstones? Is the jewelry delicate or bold? Gold or silver?

Buying jewelry for those that donít wear it

There are still many options available when choosing a gift for those that donít wear jewelry. Cuff links are available in just as many varieties as most types of jewelry, constructed from metals ranging from simple stainless steel to platinum with or without gemstones. Watches too are available in a wide variety of styles and types. If youíre looking to purchase something a little more unique consider a loose gemstone such as an opal or ruby. These serve not only as a great investment but can be placed on a desk or wall unit. Time pieces and chains are still quite popular among many men and once again available in a wide range of styles. Money clips are also a common gift idea for men not comfortable wearing traditional types of jewelry.

For men that wear jewelry

In addition to the options above many other types of jewelry are popular among men that choose to wear jewelry. Thicker necklaces have been popular among men for quite some time, both gold and silver. Some men will also wear thicker bracelets during social occasions. Gold rings with diamonds are also common among European men and is a trend spreading to Western cultures.

Which materials and gemstones to choose?

Tungsten and Platinum are popular metals used in the construction of menís jewelry. Tungsten is the strongest of all metals used in the construction of jewelry and therefore a wise choice for jewelry which will be exposed to workshops and other situations which would scratch other metals like silver and gold. The masculine grey and typically matte finish of Tungsten jewelry also contributes to its popularity amongst men. Platinum is popular for its strength and is a common choice for menís wedding bands.